My life is mostly located and lived in the beautiful country of Sweden. I could get in to how it is to be a Swede, all the things that comes with it. But today im going to focus on our, or as I should put it My relationship with Norway. I have family in the southeast part of the country and around the capitol, Oslo. The stunning beauty of the scenories, the people and the attitude is unique. I love Norway. It might be fucking expencesive, and a lot of norweigans seems ignorant and rude at times, but if you imbrace it and try to make the best of your visit or encounter, you’ll find them intresting and lovely. The expantion of the country and the evolution of there cities and how they find ways to enjoy all the things that the norweigian backcountries have to offer. Here are some of the amazing things that you could visit:

  1. https://snohetta.com
  2. https://www.hemsedal.com/
  3. https://www.visitnorway.se/resmal/nord-norge/lofoten/

And its a fellony not to mention the fjords and the peaks around the country. I preonally go and alpineski 5-6 times a year. I will for sure take a drive through Norway this up coming summer, and I will share some of my trip here.


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